Offsite Backup

Every business needs to have a continuity plan available. A disaster or emergency can strike at any time. It can happen as natural occurrences, or in the form of theft, sabotage, hardware failure, or user error. Any if these occurrences of data loss can severely threaten a company’s business process.

You can save your company thousands, even millions of dollars and insure business continuity should your company suffer from data loss by taking proper actions to protect the company’s assets that are stored on the company’s desktops, laptops and servers. A critical part of your plan should be simple, reliable, scheduled, remote backup of data.

At one time or another, most everyone had suffered a loss of valuable information due to some unforeseen event. Virtually everyone knows that they should backup their critical data, but in reality very few people do. After all, backups take forethought, time, equipment, money, and ultimately, dedication. Most people, even many small businesses, do not back up their systems – even though they know they should. You know you need to back up your data.

Net One located in El Paso, TX provides real-time automated disk backup, disk imaging and file level back up. Our applications and servers are always available since the backup process does not require system downtime. We insure the image and folder backups are immediately and automatically transferred and stored safely away from business location. Net One provides the most comprehensive, reliable, and cost effective server and workstation protection.